TJ alto and bass flutes
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The BETA Quartet is an award-winning ensemble comprised of flutists Eftihia Arkoudis, Tatiana Cassetta, Alyssa Schwartz, and Meg Brennan. 

Welcome To our TJ alto and bass flute website

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Our Alto

We have a genuine passion for alto flutes and if you follow social media channels closely, you'll see how much we love, support and champion the instrument to flute players.  Our TJ alto flutes are made from silver-plated through to 925 silver tube, shiny black and also the new beautiful copper alloy versions.  in short we have a beautiful alto to suit you.



Playing a bass flute can bring much joy to a flute player.  Not only with the the depth and richness of tone, but the flexibility and additional repertoire choice which can add much to a performance.  Our TJ bass flutes are available in silver-plated and shiny black versions.  Whilst not a common sight around the general flute scene, we'd love the bass to become more popular outside of flute choirs as it really is a great instrument for a flutist.

The fabulous flute player Barry Griffiths plays 'Bon jour, mon coeur' by Orlando di Lasso on his TJ copper body alto flute. The music is from the 'Renaissance Album for Four Flutes' transcribed by David H. Bailey.