alto flute with 14k rose gold plated head

our TJ altos

UK Music Industry Association 'Best Woodwind & Brass Instrument of the Year' Winner! 

Barry Griffiths plays Pachelbel as a TJ Copper alto flute quartet

The Trevor James alto flutes are extremely popular with professional flute players, teachers, flute choirs and doubling musicians. 

The TJ alto flutes are designed and built to be very free blowing and have wonderfully rich tonal colours and flexibility. When you combine the performance qualities with their affordable price, it’s no wonder they are one of the World’s favourite alto flute models!


  • 925 silver lip / riser, silver-plated headjoint body, footjoint and key mechanism

  • 925 silver lip / riser with black headjoint, body and footjoint tube and silver-plated mechanism

  • 925 silver lip / riser with black plated tube and mechanism (available in USA only)

  • 925 silver lip / riser with copper alloy body and silver-plated mechansim

  • 925 silver headjoint with silver-plated body and mechanism

  • 925 silver headjoint and body tube with silver-plated mechanism


  • 925 silver lip and riser headjoint / 925 silver headjoint

  • Free blowing and very responsive headjoint design

  • Curved headjoint or straight headjoint option (curved head not available in 925 silver)

  • Double headjoint package option 

  • Hand finishing of the lip and embouchure hole

  • Traditional Y arm key design

  • Secure mechanism construction with ergonomically designed left and right hand key mechanism

  • Triple-plated finish on silver-plated models

  • Double skin yellow pads

  • Hidden adjusting screws

  • Without E mechanism

  • Closed hole key mechanism

  • C footjoint with ergonomically design touch-pieces

  • Wooden case with fleecy lined case cover

  • Cleaning rod

  • White internal cleaning cloth

  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops  

Additional Options

  • Platinum, 14k rose gold and Rhodium plating options on the headjoint

  • Pointed key arm mechanism

  • B footjoint

Emmy™ winner and 2 x Latin Grammy™ nominated Musician, Producer, Composer and Educator Dr José Valentino explores the versatility of the TJ alto flute though various musical genres.

The fabulously talented musician and flute player Stephen Clark plays his TJ copper body alto flute.

New York based musician and author of ‘Between the Beats’ tutor book Elsa Nilsson talks about her Trevor James alto flute