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FAQ: Why can’t I find the prices of a TJ alto and bass flutes on this website?

This is a TJ product information website only set-up to give you more information about our fantastic range of alto and bass flutes.

FAQ: Can I buy directly from you?

You can only buy our TJ flutes from physical specialist music stores or via their online shopping facility. We are the designers and manufacturers of these flutes only and do not sell directly to musicians. Instead we are supported by some wonderful specialist flute distribution companies around the world who make sure that our TJ flutes are stocked by the important music stores in their country. Click here for details

FAQ: HOW can I test and buy a TJ alto and bass flute?

You have three options

(1) Contact your local specialist flute / woodwind store and tell them that you’d like to test a TJ alto or bass flute. If they don’t have one in stock then they’ll be able to contact their TJ flute distributor to arrange.

(2) You can use your internet search engine to find a stockist

(3) You can make contact with the TJ flute distributor in your country and ask them where you can buy- choose from the distributor list (click here)

if none of the above works for you then feel free to contact one of our flute team at info@worldwind.co.uk and we’ll endeavour to put you in touch with a TJ flute distributor . 

FAQ:How DO I become a TJ Low Flute Artist?

Firstly and most obviously you must play on a TJ alto or bass. Then send in your bio and any video links to Jean-Paul Wright at jpwright@worldwind.co.uk where all applications will be looked at.